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Work experience opportunities

Work experience opportunities are available in all of our service groupings.

We are responsible for providing a wide range of services to the local community. These services are funded through the council tax paid by householders and businesses, and from grants from central government.

In order to show the variety of work experience opportunities in a local authority such as Tewkesbury Borough Council, a brief description of the work is given below.

The work here at the council is of three kinds:

  • Jobs of an administrative nature to do with the running of a local council - for instance, public finance, accountancy, council tax and work in the council's legal and Human resources sections.

  • Jobs which are done as services provided by a local council and for which there are few opportunities outside public service - for instance, environmental health work and technical jobs such as building control work.

  • Jobs which can be done in the employment of a local council but which can also be done with other employers - such as leisure and recreation, word processing and general clerical work, planning, computer programming and operating, horticulture and refuse collection.

How to apply for work experience

We offer help to candidates who require assistance with any part of their application for work experience. When our Human Resources team receives a request, they will ask you to complete a work experience profile form so that they can obtain as much information as possible about your requirements and what you hope to achieve. They will contact the relevant directorate(s) to see whether your request can be accommodated. When confirmation is received, our Human Resources team will write to you with the details of your work experience programme.