Twyning neighbourhood plan

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Twyning Parish Council submitted a Neighbourhood Development Plan, in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), to Tewkesbury Borough Council on the 20th June 2017.


From the 26th June until the 4th August 2017 the Plan was consulted on, in accordance with Regulation 16, as a 'Plan Proposal'.

Consultation responses

A report summarising the consultation responses received can be viewed below.

Full copies of the consultation responses received can be viewed as Examination documents below, or by following the links in the above report.


Following the close of the six week consultation period on the 4th August 2017 the Twyning Neighbourhood Development Plan will be subject to Independent Examination. In accordance with Regulation 17 the following documents will be sent to the appointed Examiner.

Shared examination policy documents

Neighbourhood plan examination documents

Consultation responses for examination