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Tewkesbury Borough Plan - Preferred options consultation (October 2018)

The consultation on the Preferred Options Tewkesbury Borough Plan took place between Wednesday 10th October and Friday 30th November 2018. The consultation has now closed.

A quick guide to the consultation can be viewed via the link below:

An electronic copy of the Preferred Options plan can viewed via the links below:

Copies of the responses received to the consultation including a summary of the comments made can be viewed via the link below:

Preferred options evidence base

A number of evidence base studies and background papers have supported and informed the development of the Preferred Options. The whole suite of planning policy evidence base can be viewed at: www.tewkesbury.gov.uk/planning-policy-evidence-base.

Background papers

A number background papers have been produced to set out the process that has been undertaken in the development of the plan, including the allocation of sites for housing and employment development and our approach to adopting the Governments nationally described space standards:

Sustainability appraisal and habitats regulations assessment

The development of the Preferred Options has been supported by a Sustainability Appraisal (integrating Strategic Environment Assessment, Health Impact Assessment and Equality Impact Assessment) and a Habitats Regulation Assessment. This process considers the environmental, social and economic outputs of the Plan and ensures that development meets the needs of both present and future generations.