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Our vision and values 2016-20

Our vision is to make:

“Tewkesbury Borough, a place where a good quality of life is open to all."

Our values

Everything we do is aimed at delivering our vision but the way we deliver services is equally important to us. We are an ambitious council punching above its weight, and we have therefore adopted a set of values which we apply across all of our activities. We are a council which:

  • Puts customers first

We will put the needs of our customers at the heart of what we do and listen to what they say, treating people fairly and without bias.

  • Is positive about working with others

We recognise we cannot achieve our vision by working alone. We will continue to develop productive working relationships with other organisations and our communities, including the voluntary sector, town and parish councils and neighbourhood groups to achieve common goals.

  • Values our employees

We will support, praise and invest in our workforce to develop our organisation.

Supporting our values we also have an ethos that whatever we do will be ‘Better for customers, better for business’

Our priorities and objectives 2016-20

Finances and resources

  • Seek to be financially independent of the government's core grants

  • Maintain a low council tax

  • Investigate and take appropriate commercial opportunities

  • Use our assets to provide maximum financial return

Promoting and supporting economic growth

  • Deliver our strategic plans

  • Deliver employment land

  • Maximise the growth potential of the M5 junctions

  • Deliver regeneration for Tewkesbury town

  • Promote the borough as a visitor attraction

Growing and supporting communities

  • Increase the supply of suitable housing across the borough to support growth and meet the needs of our communities

  • Ensure a supply of land to accommodate a five year requirement

  • Deliver the homes and necessary infrastructure to create new sustainable communities in key locations

  • Deliver affordable homes to meet local need

Customer-focused services

  • Maintain and improve our culture of continuous service improvement

  • Maximise partnership working with the Public Services Centre

  • To improve customer access to our services and service delivery through digital methods

2018-19 updates

We are pleased that good progress has been made during the second year of our Council Plan 2016-2020. We continue to drive forward our vision:

“Tewkesbury Borough, a place where a good quality of life is open to all”

To deliver this vision and provide focus, we have slightly reworded two out of our four priorities to reflect the broader remit and relevance of the priority area:

  • Finance and resources

  • Promoting and supporting economic communities

  • Growing and supporting communities

  • Customer-focused services

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