Innsworth strategic allocation

Innsworth strategic allocation

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Outline application reference number - 15/00749/OUT

A mixed use development comprising demolition of existing buildings, up to 1,300 dwellings and 8.31 hectares of land for employment generating uses comprising a neighbourhood centre of 4.23ha (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, D1, D2, B1), office park of 1.31ha (B1) and business park of 2.77ha (B1 and B8 uses), primary school, open space, landscaping, parking and supporting infrastructure and utilities, and the creation of new vehicular accesses from the A40 Gloucester Northern Bypass, Innsworth Lane and Frogfurlong Lane.

Following a public enquiry (Ref: APP/G1630/W/16/3154464) the application was approved by the inspector.

Conditions applications

34 conditions were attached to the decision, links to details of the condition discharge applications will be posted below when received.

  • 18/00123/CONDIS - Condition 8 - Site Wide Masterplan -  Application for approval of details subject to condition 8 (Site Wide Masterplan Document (SWMD), 26 (Flooding and Drainage & Suds) of the planning application ref number 15/00749/OUT.

Reserved matters applications

Links to the reserved matters applications will be posted below when received.