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Be a councillor

Would you like to have more of a say in what goes on in your community? Are you passionate about your local park? Do you believe there should be more available for young people or feel that you could help local businesses to thrive?

Whatever your motivation, stand for what you believe in - be a councillor!

Mike Dawson, Chief Executive of Tewkesbury Borough Council, said: “Councillors can be the lifeblood of a community and can make an enormous impact on the areas where they live and work. Becoming a councillor will give you the chance to really influence the things that matter to your local community. You don’t need any special qualifications or experience to be a councillor… skills gained through raising a family, volunteering or being active in community groups can be just as valuable.

“What we’re looking for most of all, is people who care about their communities, who care about living in Tewkesbury Borough and who want to help make improvements for the benefit of all.

"If you think you could be a voice for your community please get in touch.”

What kind of support will I get?

There is a lot of support and advice available to help you make your decision, and if elected, you will have a whole team of people dedicated to helping you get the most out of your experience.

How can I get involved?

Once you’ve decided to get involved and stand as a councillor there are two main routes. You can either stand for one of the political parties/groups or as an independent.

Representing a political party

If you want to represent a political party then get involved with your party locally as soon as possible. They will advise on what is involved and ultimately select a candidate.

Standing as an independent candidate

If you’re thinking of standing as an independent candidate there is a lot of helpful information on the Electoral Commission's website. You will need to start becoming aware of issues in your local area, what the council is doing about these issues, and how your own opinion differs from the political parties.

Contact us

If you would like to talk to someone about becoming a Tewkesbury Borough councillor, please call our Electoral Services team on 01684 272025 or email