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Benefits of working for the Council

We employ approximately 270 staff and we are committed to providing the best quality services within the resources available and ensuring public money is spent effectively and wisely.

Benefits of working here include:

  • Attractive salaries
  • Local Government Pension Scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Car benefit scheme (where applicable)
  • Relocation assistance (where applicable)
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Free car parking
  • Family friendly policies

Pension scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme is often viewed as one of the most valuable financial rewards of the job.

You will pay a contribution rate of between 5.5% and 7.5% of your pensionable pay. The rate you pay depends on which pay band you fall into. If you work part-time, your rate will be based on the whole time pay rate for your job, although you will only pay contributions on the pay you actually earn. We also pay a large part of the cost of providing the benefits.

The Local Government Pension Scheme is a final salary scheme. For each year you build up your pension it will be at the rate of 1/60th of your final years pay. There is no automatic lump sum payable, but you do have the option to get a tax free lump sum in exchange for some of your pension when you retire. The pension which you build up during your employment keeps pace with your pay rises. After you retire, your pension keeps pace with cost of living increases.

The scheme's normal pension age is 65 years. If you continue working beyond the age of 65, you can stay in the scheme but you must draw your benefits by age 75.

The Death in Service tax free lump sum, known as the Death Grant, is three times your annual pensionable pay or actual part-time pay.

You have the option to increase your pension by buying up to £5,000 of extra pension in multiples of £250. You can provide extra pension for yourself and, if you wish, extra survivors pension on request. You also have the option to increase your pension, or extra survivors pension by paying additional voluntary contributions (AVCs).

A pension is payable on redundancy provided you are aged 55 years plus.


We have a relocation scheme up to £4,500, which is available in certain circumstances. For moving house on taking up appointment you are granted one day's special leave of absence.

Car benefit

If you need a car for the purpose of carrying out your job a car allowance on the essential or casual user scale is payable. All motor car allowances are determined by us in accordance with the National Scheme of Conditions of Service. These allowances are reviewed annually. (Car benefits are currently under review).