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Rate relief in rural settlements

Certain types of property in a rural settlement with a population below 3,000 may be entitled to relief. The property must be the only general store, the only post office or a food shop and have a rateable value of less than £8,500, or the only public house or the only petrol station and have a rateable value of less than £12,500. The property has to be occupied.  An eligible ratepayer is entitled to relief at 50 percent of the full charge whilst the local authority also has the discretion to give further relief on the remaining bill.  The 2016 Autumn Statement confirmed the doubling of rural rate relief from 50 percent to 100 percent from 1st April 2017.

We have used our local discount powers to grant 100 percent rural rate relief to eligible ratepayers from 1st April 2018.

Discretionary rural rate relief

We can remit all or part of rate bills on other property in a settlement on the rural settlement list if the rateable value is £16,500 or less and we are satisfied that the property is used for a purpose that benefits the local community.

Rural settlement list

The Council is required to review the rural settlement list on the 31st December each year, but we can amend the list at any time to correct any errors or omissions. If you think the list is incorrect please tell us, giving your reasons why you think this is the case

Under the terms of the Local Government and Rating Act 1997 the Council is required to compile and maintain a 'rural settlement list' for the purpose of administering the Rural Rate Relief scheme. A 'rural settlement' must:

  1. Be within a 'rural area' as defined under the Housing (Right to Acquire) (Designated Rural Areas in the South West) Order 1997

  2. Have a population of not more than 3,000 on the preceding 31st December

The Rural Settlement List for Tewkesbury Borough Council from 31st December 2018 is shown below:

  • Alderton

  • Ashleworth

  • Badgeworth

  • Boddington

  • Buckland

  • Chaceley

  • Deerhurst

  • Down Hatherley

  • Dumbleton

  • Elmstone Hardwicke

  • Forthampton

  • Gotherington

  • Great Witcombe

  • Gretton

  • Hasfield

  • Hawling

  • Highnam

  • Leigh

  • Maisemore

  • Minsterworth

  • Norton

  • Oxenton

  • Prescott

  • Sandhurst

  • Snowshill

  • Stanton

  • Staverton

  • Stoke Orchard

  • Sudeley

  • Tirley

  • Toddington

  • Twigworth

  • Twyning

  • Uckington

Should you require further information please contact the Business Rates Section 01684 272034.