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What is the planning advice service?

We operate a free planning advice service where a planning officer is available to answer any of the following types of development:

  • Advertisements.

  • Changes of use of land and buildings.

  • Commercial developments of a small-scale nature including minor physical alterations to commercial properties.

  • Development of single dwellings.

  • Extensions and alterations to single dwellings and other householder applications (such as garages, sheds or fences for example).

  • Other miscellaneous minor development (such as small agricultural buildings, temporary structures, or private stables for example).

If you require advice on any other development you will need to submit pre-application advice.

The service will be available from between 10.00am and 13:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday, either over the phone or by prior appointment. If you wish to meet the duty planner in person at the Council Offices please email to arrange an appointment. If you wish to discuss a scheme call 01684 272151.

The service is based on a rota system and as such it is likely that the planning officer on duty may not be aware of a specific site. Each customer will normally be allocated a maximum of 15 minutes for their enquiry. Consequently, any advice given will be general with nothing in writing.

Should you require written confirmation as to whether planning permission is required for any proposed development, you will be required to submit a lawful development certificate.

The Planning Portal is a great resource and we recommend you visit the link below before contacting us.

Pre-application advice

The pre-application advice service gives you the opportunity to seek advice before submitting a formal application.

We charge for this service but it has many benefits, as listed below:

  • It gives you an opportunity to understand how our policies will be applied to your development.

  • It can identify at an early stage where there is a need for specialist input, for example about listed buildings, trees, landscape, noise, transport, contaminated land, ecology or archaeology.

  • It will assist you in preparing proposals for formal submission which, providing you have taken our advice fully into account, will be handled more quickly.

  • It may lead to a reduction in time spent by your professional advisors in working up proposals.

  • It may indicate that a proposal is completely unacceptable, saving you the cost of pursuing a formal application.

  • Can ensure an application is complete and comprehensive and to a satisfactory standard, avoiding rejection at registration stage or early refusal of permission because of inadequate or insufficient information.

In order for us to be able to sustain and improve our current levels of service, a range of charges has been introduced, in addition to the fees payable for the submission of applications. This also ensures that the cost of providing the service is recovered directly, and does not fall as a general cost to the council tax payer.

Please note: if you want formal confirmation whether or not planning permission is required for a development, you will need to submit an application for a lawful development certificate.

Application forms and guidance documents

Planning advice disclaimer

The duty planner advice is given without the benefit of a site visit or full knowledge of the particular circumstances or history of the site. The advice is also given without being able to take into account any views of interested parties and/or consultees, which may be forthcoming in a formal application process. Any advice is given without prejudice to any decision which may be made by the Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning Committee.