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Parking services

APCOA Gloucestershire is responsible for enforcing parking within the borough. The aim, working in conjunction with both the borough and county councils is to ensure that the borough's roads are safe and clear and that parking is shared fairly among users.

Parking enforcement

Although the majority of motorists park correctly, an incorrectly parked vehicle can not only be dangerous but can cause delays, queuing and inconvenience for other road users.

Parking enforcement is therefore necessary to:

  • Encourage correct, sensible and safe parking within the borough.
  • Reduce congestion on the roads.
  • Help the emergency services access emergencies.
  • Make it safer for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Enable buses to operate effectively.
  • Improve air quality, health and the general environment.

If a vehicle is parked in contravention of the regulations, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.

Therefore, park legally to avoid fines of up to £70

Decriminalised parking enforcement

From the 5 November 2007, parking within the borough became decriminalised. This means that if a parking regulation is contravened, the matter will be handled as a civil offence (as defined by the Traffic Management Act 2004 - as amended) rather than a criminal offence.

What is the police responsible for?

The police no longer has powers to issue tickets for these particular parking offences which are now decriminalised and have become civil offences under the Traffic Management Act 2004.

The police can, however, still address offences of wilful and unnecessary obstruction on the road or pavement, the blocking of pedestrian/disabled crossing points, dangerous parking on chevrons at pedestrian crossings, parking on school zigzags (where there is no accompanying single or double yellow line) and issues of double parking or parking too close to a junction. These offences are subject to immediate fine and do not come under the remit of civil enforcement officers.

If witnessed by PCSO and PCs, tickets may still be issued for wilful obstruction of driveways if a householder cannot leave or access their driveway.