Occasional and temporary use gambling notices

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Occasional use notices

The intention behind occasional use notices (OUNs) is to permit licensed betting operators (with the appropriate permission from the Gambling Commission) to take bets at tracks used for short periods, where the event upon at which the betting is to take place is of a temporary, infrequent nature. The OUN removes the need for a betting premises licence for the track in these circumstances. These notices can only be used for eight days or less in a calendar year, and are usually used to allow betting at point-to-point race meetings.


The OUN must be served by the person who is responsible organising the event on the track or by the owner of the track. The notice must be served on us and copied to the police.

The OUN must set out the day on which the betting will take place. OUNs may be given in relation to consecutive days, so long as the overall limit of eight days is not exceeded in the calendar year.

Provided that the OUN will not result in betting facilities being available for more than eight days in a calendar year, there can be no objections raised to an OUN.

You do not have to pay a fee when serving an occasional use notice.

Temporary use notices

Temporary use notices (TUNs) allow a premises to be used for gambling on a temporary basis, where there is no premises licence in place. Premises that might be suitable for a TUN would include hotels, conference centres, and sporting venues.

We can only grant a TUN to a person or company holding a relevant operating licence issued by the Gambling Commission. The type of gambling allowed under a TUN is restricted to any form of equal chance gaming where those taking part in the gaming are taking part in a competition which is intended to produce a single, overall winner - not by use of a machine. An example of this might be a poker tournament.


A TUN must be lodged with us not less than three months and one day before the day on which the gambling event will begin.

Your application must also be copied to:

  • The Gambling Commission;

  • The Police;

  • HM Commissioners for Revenue and Customs; and

  • If applicable, any other Licensing Authority in whose area the premises are situated