What’s Bishop’s Cleeve like for young people?

What’s Bishop’s Cleeve like for young people?

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Local decision-makers from Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council will, next week, ask young people what they think about Bishop’s Cleeve as a place to live, go to school, attend groups/clubs, or work.

An event, organised by Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council and jointly funded by Tewkesbury Borough Council, will take place between 5.30pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday, 1 May at Cleeve School. It is hoped as many young people as possible will come along, as well as those who work with teenagers voluntarily or professionally. 

The aim is to give young people, who live in or visit the area, the opportunity to influence important local decisions regarding budgets, planning permissions, commissioning activities and more. It could even lead to the formation of a Bishop’s Cleeve youth council.

Gloucestershire Constabulary and Gloucestershire Rural Community Council will also be there to answer questions.

The parish council also launched an online survey and a focus group which gathered almost 800 responses from young people. One of the responses said: “I always feel adults are against us. I would like a world where we can all live and make decisions together. I’m really excited about this event and what it could lead to.”

Tewkesbury Borough Council’s lead member for communities, Councillor Kay Berry, said: “This is all about giving young people a voice and making it easier for them to get involved in local decision making. We want Bishop’s Cleeve’s growing younger population to tell us what is important to them and to let us know what kind of community they want to live in. We will use what they tell us to inform our policies and hopefully make a real positive difference as a result.”

Antonia Dixey the Chief Executive of The Participation People said, “When young people and adults come around the same table to make decisions together – well, that’s where the real magic happens. Regular events like these are important for every community and I’m so glad that Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council want to listen and act on the views of young people.”

For more information about getting involved contact Antonia Dixey by email on antonia@participationpeople.com or phone on 07921 907210.