Water outage health advice

Water outage health advice

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We understand the difficulties facing people during this time. However, please see the below advice from Public Health England:

Stay hydrated

It is important to keep hydrated while the water supply is off, so make sure that you drink regularly and avoid too much caffeine and alcohol which can dehydrate you.

Wash your hands

You should continue to wash your hands frequently, while the water supply is off, you should use the bottled water provided, hand wipes or alcohol hand gel/sanitizer for this. If you use alcohol hand gel, make sure you rub it well into both hands and continue to rub until it has evaporated. Discontinue use if you experience an irritation or reaction.

Please remember that alcohol hand gels and sanitizers do NOT kill the bugs that cause Norovirus and as the infection is circulating at this time of year, regular hand washing with soap and water is incredibly important in stopping the spread of Norovirus.

Formula feed for babies without water supply

Ideally use boiled bottled water, left covered to cool for no more than half an hour.  Alternatively, use ready-made formula milk.  Once bottled water has been opened it is no longer sterile – if you don’t use it immediately, it should be boiled before being used to make up formula milk.

If you buy your own bottled water, be aware that some natural mineral water may have a high sodium content. Look at the label for sodium or ‘Na’ and check its level is not higher than 200mg per litre. If it is, then try to use another water. If no other water is available then use this water for as short a time as possible. It is important to keep babies hydrated.