Waste collections over the Easter bank holiday

Waste collections over the Easter bank holiday

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Waste and recycling collections on Good Friday (19 April) will go ahead as normal.

Collections the following week will take place a day later than scheduled to catch up after bank holiday Monday.

Catch up collections will run from Tuesday, 23 April through to Saturday, 27 April. Normal collections begin again on Monday, 29 April.


Peter Tonge, head of community services said: “We tend to generate more waste over holiday periods and Easter, especially, can be particularly wasteful with the extra packaging that comes with Easter eggs. But thanks to our blue recycling wheelie bins, cardboard boxes, plastic packaging and even the foil wrapped around chocolate eggs can be easily recycled.”

While the foil used to protect Easter eggs is easy to recognise, some foil packaging is harder to identify. One way to find out whether an item is foil or non-recyclable plastic film, is to do the ‘scrunch test.’ Scrunch the item in your hand - if it remains scrunched, it is foil and can be recycled. If it springs back it is probably plastic film and not recyclable.

Common items mistaken for foil include food pouches and crisp packets - these should not be put in blue recycling wheelie bins.