Tough stance on fly-tippers

Tough stance on fly-tippers

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Following a visit to a recycling site based at Morrison’s in Tewkesbury, Tewkesbury Borough Council has issued two £400 fixed penalty notices and is looking to progress two further cases through the courts regarding fly-tipping incidents.

The council sees fly-tipping as a serious crime and has pledged to hold individuals and organisations accountable for their actions.

Leaving waste on the floor at a recycling site is considered fly-tipping and can present a significant hazard to the public. If the recycling bins are full, the waste should be taken home or removed to an alternative site.

The council wants its residents to find recycling as easy as possible, and so if the bins do appear full, they are encouraged to inform the council using the phone number presented on the bins.

Cllr Jim Mason, Tewkesbury Borough Council’s lead member for clean and green environment, stated: “We continue to send a clear message to those fly tipping within our borough, it isn’t acceptable, and we will pursue offenders vigorously. The impact that this crime can have on both our community and the environment should not be underestimated.

“We empty recycling site bins regularly but if a member of the public finds that one is full, we would be grateful that they let us know so we can take prompt action.”

Both residents and businesses need to be aware that they have a legal duty to ensure that waste is properly disposed of and only transferred to an authorised collector.

For waste that cannot be disposed of by a normal council collection, the council offers the following advice: