The purple pinkie club

The purple pinkie club

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Tewkesbury Borough Council is working in partnership with Tewkesbury Rotary Club and UBICO to plant purple crocuses on council land.  The project aims to raise awareness of a campaign to bring an end to Polio.

Yesterday, pupils and teachers from Carrant Brook and Queen Margaret School’s helped to plant crocuses on the corner of Hardwick Bank Road, Northway and on the open space either side of Vine Way, Stonehills.

 The purple flowers represent the dye used to mark the children’s little finger once they have been vaccinated – hence the purple pinkie club! Each purple pinkie brings the world closer to making Polio history.

 Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Fortunately, although incurable, Polio is easy to prevent. A child can be vaccinated for just fifty pence, protecting the child against this terrible disease for life.

Through one of the world’s biggest immunisation programmes, Polio has been 99 per cent eradicated.  One last push could see the disease destroyed for good.