Tackling illegal waste carriers

Tackling illegal waste carriers

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Tewkesbury Borough Council is currently working alongside Gloucestershire Police and the Environment Agency to tackle illegal waste activities in the borough. On the 18 October 2017 a joint waste carrier stop and search exercise was undertaken at a location on the A38 south of Tewkesbury.

A total of 92 vehicles were stopped and asked to provide details of their waste carriers licence. The exercise proved to be very successful and a number of businesses will now be subject to follow up action and further enquiries.

The council is committed to tackling waste crime and will continue to work with the Police and the Environment Agency to address this matter. Part of that commitment involves informing businesses that they have a legal duty of care regarding the waste that they produce. If a business transports waste it must be registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier. Details of how to register can be found at: www.gov.uk/waste-carrier-or-broker-registration.

If a business transfers any of its waste then it must ensure that the person/business it has transferred the waste to is authorised to receive it and a waste transfer note is completed. Further advice on how to comply with waste duty of care can be found at the following link: www.gov.uk/government/publications/waste-duty-of-care-code-of-practice.

Cllr Jim Mason, Leader for Clean and Green Environment said of the exercise “Working alongside our partners in the police and the environment agency, we are sending a clear message to those who would flaunt the law and dispose of their waste inappropriately. We are taking a tough stance and it is good to see pro-active activities such as this happening with our community”

During the day, officers from the council also undertook safety checks on a number of taxi vehicles. Tewkesbury Council takes unlicensed taxi operations very seriously and will continue to collaborate with Gloucestershire Police to ensure that unlicensed taxi drivers are identified and subject to appropriate enforcement action.