Spring Gardens: the journey so far

Spring Gardens: the journey so far

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Tewkesbury Borough Council wants its local residents and businesses to know that work is continuing to identify a way forward to regenerate the Spring Gardens area of Tewkesbury Town.

Working with its advisors, Mace, the borough council has been carrying out a wide range of research and evidence gathering to develop concepts that will ensure the area remains vibrant and dynamic, and is suitable for future generations.

So far, evidence on viable options suggests that the site would benefit from being a flexible space with the potential to accommodate car parking, public space, retail, leisure, and residential, with the aim of regenerating the area and adding more vitality to the town.

As part of its research and evidence gathering, Mace has been working with the borough council - and the Spring Gardens working group in particular - on a number of activities which were designed to gather the information and evidence needed to identify what would work at the site. This involved talking to and engaging key stakeholders, gathering crucial details about the existing town, commissioning market analysis and undertaking a range of surveys.

The next stage of the project will be to identify a preferred way forward over the coming months. There is still much work to do including: a further financial appraisal; site surveys; soft market testing; investigation and data gathering to support an update of the parking strategy; and a review of the social and economic impact of any preferred design.

The public’s opinion is important and a full public consultation will be launched in 2020. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the discussion and help influence what happens with this important area in Tewkesbury town.

Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Leader, Councillor Rob Bird, said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for us to really reinvigorate the town centre of Tewkesbury, and we need to get it right. We know members of the public are keen to know what the future is for the site, and as soon as we have a viable option based on the evidence, research and stakeholder engagement, we will be asking for the public’s views.”

The borough council’s previous master planning work for Tewkesbury town provides the context for its ambitions and its principles - such as repairing the historic grain of the town and providing a complimentary mix of uses on the site that add life and vitality to the town – and reinforce the borough council’s aspiration to deliver a high quality scheme.