Setting the budget for 2019/2020

Setting the budget for 2019/2020

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Tewkesbury Borough Council has agreed a budget for 2019/2020 which keeps its council tax rate at one of the very lowest in the country.

On Tuesday 19 February, full council approved a £8.77m budget, which includes increasing council tax by the equivalent of £5 per year for a band D property.

The move from £114.36 to £119.36 per year will mean borough council services will cost just 9.6 pence extra per week for the average band D household. These services include: waste and recycling collections, flood defence work, planning and development, parks and green spaces, food safety inspections, benefits advice, housing, elections, and more.

Councillor Ron Furolo, lead member for finance and asset management, said: “Even with an increase of £5 a year on a band D property, our borough still has one of the lowest council tax rates in the country.

“We have worked really hard over the last few years to keep the borough council’s share of the council tax charge as low as possible, while maintaining the services that residents care so much about. We’ve done this despite rising costs and declining government funding.

“We have become very creative about the way we run our services, and have delivered significant savings as a result. But now we are also looking at ways of becoming more commercial in our approach to service delivery and are actively seeking out opportunities to generate much-needed income for the council.”