Paying bills just got easier!

Paying bills just got easier!

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From 4 December 2017, Tewkesbury Borough Council is pleased to announce that it will be teaming up with PayPoint and the Post Office in order to enable residents to pay their bills at any PayPoint or Post Office outlets.

As of April 2018, all council tax bills will also contain a barcode, and just like any other payments needing to be made to the council; residents will be able to pay through PayPoint or a Post Office. Individuals will no longer need to make a special trip to the council offices and it should make paying bills even easier.

The council would like to remind residents that paying their bill online, through the council website, is also a quick and easy option; and they don’t even have to leave the house! For more information about paying online, please follow the link to the ‘pay for it’ section of the council website:

Paying at the Post Office

Using the barcode printed on the bill, payment may be made at any Post Office by cash, cheque or by debit card.

Using PayPoint

Using the barcode printed on the bill, payment may be made in cash at any outlet displaying the PayPoint logo.  With 29,000 stores across the UK including convenience stores, newsagents, forecourts and supermarkets, 99.7% of the UK population are within one mile of a PayPoint store (or within five miles in rural areas).  In addition, most stores are open early until late, seven days a week.

For more information:

Santander Transcash

From December 2017 the Santander Transcash payments that can currently be made in the Post Office will no longer be accepted.  The council will be writing to those affected shortly but the good news is that residents will still be able to pay at the Post Office; plus the process will be a lot quicker and easier.