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Most active borough in Gloucestershire

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The latest Sport England’s ‘Active Lives survey’ sees Tewkesbury recognised as the most active borough in Gloucestershire, with 72.6% of adults surveyed taking part in 150+ minutes of activity per week. The district also compared favourably against both the south west and national statistics.

The national survey, which is taken annually, records inactivity (less than 30 mins a week), those that are fairly active (more than 30 mins but less than 149 mins per week) and active adults (more than 150 mins at week). The findings support evidence that the borough’s interest in using community sports and leisure facilities has been spiked with the opening of the new leisure facilities; the new centre is outperforming the borough’s old offering in all aspects and looks set to continue to grow.

The old Cascades centre had a mere 50 members - a level somewhat overshadowed by the new facility’s healthy current membership quota of over 2200. Whilst it is appreciated that the offering is very different, the council believes that it is a good indication of the borough’s desire to have and to make use of an attractive modern leisure facility.

Further evidence of the community embracing the site is the increased uptake of the children’s lesson programs, which has grown by 25%. There is built in capacity for further expansion, which ensures the centre is able to flex to the needs of future generations. 

The leisure centre has been something of a success story for the council, whose old facilities were a loss maker, with costs in the region of £70,000 per annum. The new facilities management is outsourced and the agreement secures the council an income of c. £150,000, which it re-invests into improving and maintaining borough services.

Andy Noble, asset manager said: “The importance of promoting health and wellbeing within a community cannot be underestimated and we have a responsibility to ensure our residents have access to great sports and leisure facilities. The new leisure centre is a wonderful facility and we are pleased to see that it has been well received by the local community. To be recognised as the most active county in Gloucestershire is a really positive outcome of the investment”

To enquire about what the leisure centre has to offer please visit their website

Further information about the Sport’s England ‘Active Lives’ survey is available on their website