Healings Mill safety measures improve

Healings Mill safety measures improve

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Tewkesbury Borough Council has withdrawn legal proceedings against the St Francis Group now that the company has taken action to improve public safety at Healings Flour Mill, Quay Street, Tewkesbury.

The borough council started legal action against the St Francis Group when concerns were raised about the safety of the structures and the surrounding site and following reports of unauthorised access gained by children.

But at a meeting between Tewkesbury Borough Council, Gloucestershire Police Constabulary, Gloucestershire Fire Service and the St Francis Group, a list of works to improve the safety of the site was agreed by all parties and St Francis Group has since undertaken those works.

The council’s building control officers have inspected the building and surrounding area and were pleased to find a significant improvement in the condition and safety of the site.

Building control service manager, Iain Houston, said: “We have worked closely with the St Francis Group and we are pleased that works have been carried out to make the Healings Mill site more safe and secure, which significantly reduces the risk to public safety. However, Healings Mill is still very much a construction site, so the risks associated with any demolition or construction works always needs to be considered. It is not open to the public and if anyone unauthorised - particularly children and young people -  still accesses the site then it is important that St Francis Group are made aware.”

To report any issues, please call 01564 333123 or email info@stfrancisgroup.com.