Getting back on track with grass cutting

Getting back on track with grass cutting

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Tewkesbury Borough councillors have taken action to resolve concerns raised by their communities about overgrown grassland and verges around Tewkesbury Borough.

Following the recent erratic and exceptionally wet and warm weather, grassland and verges have grown at an unprecedented rate and grounds maintenance teams have struggled to keep up. This has meant that crews have fallen behind schedule, leaving some areas overgrown and unkempt.

Members brought the issue to Tewkesbury Borough Council’s executive committee meeting yesterday (6 June, 2018) where councillors investigated the causes and unanimously backed the council action plan to get grass-cutting back on track.

Tewkesbury Borough Council’s leader, Councillor Rob Bird, said: “We are all very proud of the environment we live in, and residents have a right to expect the highest standards of grass maintenance from their council. Clearly, these standards have not been achieved recently across the borough, which is not acceptable, and we sincerely apologise to residents affected.

“I’m very grateful to residents for taking the time and trouble to contact us with their specific concerns, which enabled councillors to conduct a detailed discussion of the issues involved, and most importantly, approve an action plan to bring us back to the standard required.

“The catch-up work has already started and our Overview and Scrutiny Committee will monitor the delivery of the action plan.”