Cashless parking arrives

Cashless parking arrives

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Motorists using Tewkesbury Borough Council's car parks will now find it quicker and easier to pay.

Cashless parking has been introduced to council-run car parks in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe, meaning visitors can now use their mobile phones as an alternative to using spare change.

The new service, run by Ring Go, will allow motorists to pay by downloading a mobile app, calling, texting or going online. It also reduces the risk of receiving a parking fine as visitors can set up text alerts for when parking is due to run out. There's also the option to top up on-the-go, leaving more time to spend browsing the shops and enjoying a day out in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe.

Lead Member for Economic Development and Promotion, Councillor Rob Bird, said: "This is an excellent improvement to our car parking service, making it much easier for visitors to pay, and extend their parking time should they want to, without having to worry about having the right change or rushing back to the car. Cashless parking will enable people to take their time, finish their activities and enjoy their visit without interruption." 

The move comes as part of a drive to encourage greater use of the towns' car parks and help the local businesses and economies to prosper.

For more information on how the service works and to watch a short animation, visit