Car parking strategy review

Car parking strategy review

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No changes will be made to parking in Tewkesbury Borough following a review into the borough council’s parking strategy.

It was agreed that the strategy still offers initiatives to help improve the vitality of the borough's town centres - Tewkesbury and Winchcombe - and reflects the changing use of rural market towns. It makes parking simple and encourages visitors and shoppers to support local businesses by spending longer in the towns.

The original strategy was produced using a whole range of data, including feedback from local residents, local businesses, the two town councils and a range of independent surveys. In addition, a public consultation was held.

The charges to park in council-owned car parks is £1 for one hour, £2 for up to three hours and £4 for over three hours. This replaced the previous price structure of £3.50 for three hours, £5 for four hours and £8 for over four hours

Other highlights of the strategy include:

  • An afternoon parking permit - with an upfront fee of just £26, the permit offers parking in all car parks between 3.30pm and 5.30pm every day of the week - with the aim of encouraging people to visit the town at a time of day when research suggests it is much quieter.

  • The council's excellent value-for-money business permit for just £63 to park for a year at Station Road car park in Tewkesbury and Back Lane car park in Winchcombe remains in place.  

  • Mobile technology has been intorduced so that visitors to council-owned car parks have the option to pay for parking on their phones - making it much quicker and easier. The new set up also means visitors can also pay by a 'start and stop' method, so people only pay for the time they use to park.  

  • Free parking on Sunday mornings until 12.30pm continues to be available in Back Lane car park, Winchcombe and Spring Gardens car park, Tewkesbury, encouraging the use of local services on Sundays.

  • Free parking days are offered in Tewkesbury and Winchcombe on Remembrance Sunday; Tewkesbury's Christmas lights switch on and small business Saturday; Winchcombe small business Saturday and the last Saturday before Christmas.

  • Disabled blue badge holders have unlimited free parking in council owned car parks.

  • When it comes to flooding, permit holders are able to switch between car parks if their normal car park becomes unusable, and temporary permits are available to local residents so they can park in dry car parks. The council also reserves the right to drop parking charges and the enforcement of this - something which was done during the floods of February 2014.

In addition, there has been the introduction of new carp park signage, which helps to improve the overall feel of the car parks, and helps to make the pricing structure clear for visitors.