A new council for Tewkesbury Borough

A new council for Tewkesbury Borough

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38 newly-elected borough councillors - 18 new, 20 returning - attended the first annual general meeting of Council last night (28 May 2019) where the new mayor, Councillor Gill Blackwell, led proceedings to elect a new leader, deputy leader and other lead roles.

Councillor Rob Bird, who represents Cleeve West ward, was elected as Tewkesbury Borough Council’s leader, returning to the role he started last year. He said: “Thank you to returning members for the confidence you have in me and to new members for putting your trust in me to lead our council. We will now work together to deliver our ambitious plans to make our borough more prosperous and a better place to live.”

Councillor Jim Mason, who represents the Winchcombe ward, was elected as deputy leader of the council, a role he also held last year. Councillor Andrew Reece was appointed as deputy mayor of Tewkesbury Borough.

Councillor Rob Bird

Councillor Rob Bird


The number of lead member portfolios has increased from nine to eleven in order to reflect the change that is taking place nationally across local authorities. Two new portfolios have been created: ‘commercial transformation’ which will focus on using a more commercial approach to delivering council services, and ‘housing’ which will focus on the practical aspects of housing delivery.

Executive: Lead member portfolios

  • Economic Development and Promotion:

    • LEADER Councillor Rob Bird

  • Finance and Asset Management:

    • Councillor Robert Vines

  • Health and Wellbeing:

    • Councillor Richard Stanley

  • Housing:

    • Councillor Gill Blackwell

  • Organisational Development:

    • Councillor Louise Gerrard

  • Built Environment:

    • Councillor Mel Gore

  • Clean and Green Environment:

    • DEPUTY LEADER Councillor Jim Mason

  • Commercial Transformation:

    • Councillor Elaine MacTiernan

  • Community:

    • Councillor Clare Softley

  • Corporate Governance:

    • Councillor Mike Sztymiak

  • Customer Focus:

    • Councillor Mike Dean

Audit and Governance

  • Chair: Councillor Vernon Smith


  • Chair: Councillor Graham Bocking

Overview and Scrutiny

  • Chair: Councillor Kevin Cromwell


  • Chair: Councillor John Evetts


  • Chair: Councillor Philip Surman