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Recycling bank locations

There are several different types of recycling banks in the borough. Please see below for the locations and what can be recycled. Local household recycling centres/tips are listed on the Recycle for Gloucestershire website.

Items must be placed inside the banks. Recycling, bulky items or general rubbish left around the banks or on the floor will be considered as fly tipping and investigated by the enforcement team.

  • Bishop's Cleeve - Tesco, Church Road

    • Blue recycling banks, cardboard, lightbulbs & household batteries, foil, textiles

  • Churchdown Chapel Hay car park, Church Road

    • Clothes and shoes

  • Churchdown Parish Council car park, Parton Road

    • Blue recycling banks, lightbulbs & household batteries, clothers and shoes

  • Tewkesbury - Morrison's, Ashchurch Road

    • Lightbulbs & household batteries, clothes and shoes

  • Tewkesbury - Rails Meadow car park, Howells Road

    • Clothes and shoes

  • Tewkesbury - Spring Gardens (Cascades) car park

    • Clothes and shoes only

    • Please note: the blue recycling banks have been removed and the service suspended at this location until further notice due to excessive fly tipping

  • Winchcombe - Back Lane car park

    • Blue recycling banks, cardboard, lightbulbs & household batteries, clothes and shoes

Blue recycling banks

In the large blue bins you can recycle plastic bottles and plastic containers, tins and cans, glass bottles and jars and paper based food and drink cartons. The different materials can be recycled together in the same bin, there is no need to put the items in separate recycling bins.

Card and cardboard banks

At some of the above sites, flattened cardboard can also be accepted in specially adapted blue banks. Please flatten the card to it fits through the hole in the lid of the bin. This also allows more cardboard to be stored in the bin reducing the number of vehicle visits to collect.

Please do not leave items for recycling on the floor, this is classed as fly tipping.

Electrical and electronic equipment

For further information on waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling (WEEE) please visit the Recycle for Gloucestershire website.

Computers and laptops brought to the recycling centres will not be securely destroyed. If you are concerned about personal data on your machine it is strongly advised that you remove any hard-drives and securely destroy them before recycling them at our sites.

Foil banks

Aluminium foil is collected by the Adult Opportunities Centre and they sort, bale and sell it on for recycling. You can collect foil individually, in your group or organisation and take it to the AOC in Station Road if you prefer. Please put only clean aluminium foil in the bank. They will also take collections of aluminium cans.

Please wash foil before taking it to be recycled.

Lightbulb and household batteries banks

The banks are specially designed to safely accept and store bulbs that will be collected by the council's partner, Recolight. Please open the chute and carefully place the light bulbs loose inside the drawer. They will safely roll into a storage area inside the bank. Household batteries can also be recycled in these banks in the separate drawer.

Garden plastics, plant pots and video cassettes

The Butterfly Garden project based at Dundry Nurseries, Bamfurlong Lane, Cheltenham can accept garden plastics and video cassettes for recycling. This includes items such as plant pots and trays, broken plastic watering cans, compost bags, cell trays and plug trays and plastic ornamental containers.

More information on the Butterfly Garden project for children and adults with learning difficulties who are keen to learn new skills, please visit www.thebutterflygarden.org.

Textile banks

Please make sure you put textiles and shoes in the banks tied up in carrier bags. This prevents the items becoming damaged or soiled and makes the collection process much easier and quicker.

These banks only accept clothes, shoes, bags, belts and linen. Please do not put duvets or pillows in the banks.

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