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A local land charge search is carried out by a solicitor acting on behalf of people buying land or a property. The search is comprised of a series of standard questions designed to give any potential buyer as much information as possible about the property or land. Buyers can also ask us for information not covered by the standard questions. We hold information on issues such as planning, building control, environmental health, housing; information is also obtained from Gloucestershire County Council who are the highway authority.

What is a local land charge search?

A full official local authority land charges search is divided into two parts and is completed as:

  1. The register of local land charges which contains details of all local land charges registered against land or property that are binding on the current owner and all successive owners of the land.
  2. The form Enquiries of Local Authority (known as forms CON29 and 'O') supplements the register of local land charges by seeking information which is outside the scope of a land charge but relevant to an intending purchaser/mortgagee by giving information about the property and the effect on it or proposed effect with the wide variety of powers and duties vested by us.

How much does a search cost?

With effect from the 27 March 2017 our fees are as follows:-

Form LLC1

  • No charge
  • The LLC1 form reveals details held on the Local Land Charge Register relating to restrictions or prohibitions e.g., financial charges, notices under planning or environmental health acts, tree preservation orders, planning or other agreements, conditional planning permissions, listed buildings and conservation areas.

Form CON29 (all inclusive of VAT)

  • £132.00
  • Extra parcel of land - £18.00
  • Form CON29O enquiries 4 to 21 - £24.00
  • Form CON29O enquiry 22 - £36.00
  • The CON29 Form contains a series of questions which give further information relating to town planning, drainage, highways, environmental health and building regulations.

Total fee for standard search (LLC1 + CON29 - £132.00)

Payment can be made online, whereby you can obtain an immediate vat receipt for your records, by calling 01684 272024, bacs or alternatively by cheque, made payable to Tewkesbury Borough Council.

How long does a search take?

Upon receipt of a valid search application the search will begin and generally takes between 12 - 15 working days. Turnaround times are for guidance only and cannot be guaranteed. They are based on the processing times for basic search applications only, i.e. the LLC1 and CON29. It can take longer to process search applications which include CON29'O' questions but every effort is made to return all searches within 14 working days.

What forms do I require?

Due to copyright law we are unable to supply LLC1 and CON29 forms are available at any legal stationery shop or the Law Society.

Different types of searches

There are two different types of product available to you:

Official search

The official search is conducted by our trained and dedicated local land charges team. This small team is responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register and conducting property searches, as required. As part of this process, the team will ensure that the information revealed in your search report is relevant and accurate. We will normally complete an official search within 14 days of receipt.

There are many advantages to using the official search product, not least of which is that, should you have any follow-up enquiries, you can go straight to the local land charges team, as the authoritative source, for clarification.

The official search will bear the logo of the council and the search certificate will be signed by an officer of the council. Only local authorities are permitted to produce and sign a Certificate of Search.

Personal search

A personal search may be conducted by anyone, but in the vast majority of cases these are conducted by private companies on behalf of their clients. A personal search allows for the inspection of the Local Land Charges Register, at the council offices. All other publicly available registers may also be inspected but they may not all be located in the same place; other information may need to be obtained from the council website or by reference to committee minutes.

Submitting a search

There are several methods which can be used to submit a local authority search application:

  • Electronically via either the National Land Information Service or TM Search Choice.
  • Post or Document Exchange (DX).
  • By hand at the Public Services Centre, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5TT.

All searches submitted in paper format require one copy of each form together with a 1:1250 scale plan clearly outlined in red. Should you wish to purchase a scale plan please email the team.

Payment can be made online, by BACs or alternatively by cheque, made payable to Tewkesbury Borough Council.

What if I cancel a search request?

Please note that once a search has been validated and registered no refund or part refund is made. All fees must be pre-paid before dispatch of documentation.

Personal search agents

To book a Personal Search appointment to inspect the Local Land Charge Register please email personalsearches@tewkesbury.gov.uk. Appointments run Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm and are in line with our Official Search turnaround of 10 & 12 working days. Appointments are allocated on a first come, first served basis and it should be noted that due to current demand and resources of the team, adding to an appointment cannot be guaranteed.

For each property we require a full postal address together with a plan showing the search area outlined in red. Please include this in your email request, or no later than five working days before your appointment, if not, we reserve the right to rearrange.

Please be reminded that the information supplied at your appointment is for inspection only and any paperwork should not be removed from the council offices.

Hardcopy planning decision registers are no longer kept for applications received 2006 onwards. These applications can be viewed online via our planning application search facility.

CON29 Information should be requested direct from the relevant departments. If a tailored report is required, then a CON29 enquires form should be submitted to local land charges with the correct fee attached.

Building Control

Building Control question 1.1 j - l

(3) Starting from April 1st 2002, there has been a facility for some building trades to self-certify their work. This applies to some windows and doors, some heating systems, some air conditioning systems and some solar energy installations. The schemes which allow self-certification are known as Competent Person Schemes and details are available on gov.uk/guidance/competent-person-scheme-current-schemes-and-how-schemes-are-authorised.

The Local Authority does not issue notices, certificates or offer any approval for competent person schemes. Where a competent person scheme has been used the owner of the property should have been provided with a completion certificate by the person undertaking the work. The Local Authority cannot provide certificates on behalf of the competent person scheme.

(4) Building Control application records are only held for a period of 16 years from the date of submission. Computerised records commence from 2000. Application reference numbers can be ascertained on Cheltenham Borough Council's website cheltenham.gov.uk/info/200011/building_control/1049/building_control_applications-submit_view_and_comment_online

Forms and further information

Contact information

Email: landcharges@tewkesbury.gov.uk
Telephone: 01684 272024

Local Land Charges,
Tewkesbury Borough Council,
Public Services Centre,
Gloucester Road.
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