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Historic environment

The historic environment includes national designations (for example listed buildings, registered parks and gardens and registered battlefields) and local designations (conservation areas and locally listed buildings) in Tewkesbury Borough. Scheduled monuments and archaeology are the responsibility of Gloucester Archaeology.

Listed buildings and structures

There are (September 2012) 1,577 listed entries in the borough - to find out if a building or structure (such as a bridge) is listed visit Historic England - search the list.

Further information on listed buildings can also be seen at Historic England.

Registered parks and gardens

There are (September 2012) seven registered parks and gardens in the borough.

Registered battlefields

There is one registered battlefield in the borough which relates to the Battle of Tewkesbury.

Conservation areas / conservation area maps

A conservation area is an area of "special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance". It will be an area where buildings and spaces interact to form a recognisably distinct area - where there has been substantial modern development and only isolated buildings survive designation as a conservation area will not be appropriate. This is so that the concept of conservation areas is not devalued.

Within the borough there are currently fourteen conservation areas:

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