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Frequently asked questions

Can I take waste to the Wingmoor Farm and Hempsted Household Recycling Centres?

Yes, the recycling centres will still take the extra items of recycling that the Council does not currently collect. You can also take excess waste that does not fit into your green wheeled bin. Details of what can be recycled at the sites, as well as their locations, can be found at Recycle for Gloucestershire.

How do I dispose of bulky waste?

For a charge, we will collect a maximum of three bulky items (domestic appliances, carpets, children's toys, etc.). Please visit our do it online page.

How do I keep my wheeled bins clean?

If a bin does become dirty, we advise that you swill it out with disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda after it has been emptied. (This does not apply to the brown garden waste bins.) You should rinse containers where appropriate.

How often will the rubbish bin be emptied?

The Council will empty the green wheeled bin every other week, alternating with the blue wheeled bin for recycling. An example collection schedule is: Green week - green wheeled rubbish bin and food waste caddy. Blue week - blue wheeled recycling bin and food waste caddy.

I am not physically able to put out my bin. What can I do?

Special arrangements can be made for residents who have difficulties putting out their bin for collection. Please phone us on 01684 295010 if you require assistance with this.

I have a child in nappies and we produce a lot of waste. How will I manage with the reduced frequency of the green wheeled bin?

We encourage all parents to use reusable nappies on their babies and toddlers, as it is a much more sustainable way to manage their waste. Gloucestershire County Council is offering all parents with children in nappies a £30 discount when you spend £50 or over on reusable nappies. Reusable nappies can save parents up to £600 on the first child, and much more by the using the nappies again on subsequent children.

More information on reusable nappies can be found at Recycle for Gloucestershire, including details and an application form for the offer. Did you know that over 86,000 disposable nappies are thrown away in Gloucestershire every day? And in the UK, it's over 7 million!

I have a large family and we won't be able to cope with collections every other week for the green bin. Can you help?

We recommend that you use the recycling services as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste in the green wheeled bin. If you have five or more people in your household, then you are able to have another green wheeled bin. To purchase the extra bin at a cost of £35, please telephone 01684 295010.

Isn't leaving the green refuse bin for two weeks a health hazard?

No, it is not a health hazard. Please make sure the lid is closed and it shouldn't cause any nuisance at all.

My bin has not been emptied. What happens now?

Sometimes, bins are missed, for various reasons. If the bin has not been put out by 7am, it may well not be collected. The collection crews note and report any instances where bins have not been put out for collection. In this instance, it will not be collected until the following collection. If the bin contains items that should not be in the bin (garden waste, building material, etc.), it will not be emptied.

In other circumstances, if a bin is missed, every effort will be made to empty it on the day that it is reported, providing it is not too late in the day. Otherwise, it will be emptied within 5 working days. To report a missed bin, please visit our do it online page.

My bin is damaged. What can I do?

Unsurprisingly, following many years of use, bins are subject to inevitable wear and tear. If your bin has become degraded in this way, you can purchase a replacement bin. If you would like to order a replacement bin, please phone 01684 295010; when it is delivered, the old bin will be taken away to be recycled.

On rare occasions, a bin can be damaged during the emptying process. If you have experienced damage in this way (usually to the lid or the wheels), we will repair-or, where necessary, replace-your bin free of charge. Please phone us on the above number to report damage and to arrange a repair.

On which day is my bin emptied?

The bin is emptied on the same day every other week, alternating with the blue bin. If you do not know your collection day, please view our bin collection dates calendar.

What can I put in my bin?

The green bin is for the small amount of household residual waste left after you have removed all recyclable items.

What do I do with my pet's waste?

Bedding and waste from vegetarian pets can be composted at home. Waste from other pets cannot be recycled or composted, and must go in the green wheeled bin for general rubbish. Please make sure it is bagged.

What do I put in the green wheeled bin?

The green wheeled bin is for waste that cannot be recycled.

What happens if I put the waste into the wrong bin?

Putting rubbish into the wrong bin will cause contamination, so you will need to transfer it to the correct bin. Due to the collection methods, there will not be any hand sorting of the recycling; therefore, we are unable to separate it for you.

What materials must I not put in my green wheeled bin?

Your wheeled bin will not be emptied if it contains any of the following materials:

  • DIY materials, e.g. construction waste, tiles, paint tins, etc.

  • Electrical goods.

  • Garden waste, soil.

  • Hazardous waste, including oils and chemicals.

  • Sharp objects, needles.

  • Stones, gravel, rubble, builders' waste.

  • Waste generated from businesses.

  • Window and mirror glass.

What refuse collection arrangements are there for Bank Holidays and Christmas/New Year?

If the week contains a Bank Holiday Monday, the collection will be a day later than usual. Collections are made on Good Friday.

What time must my bin be out?

All containers need to be out for 7am. Collection crews cannot return if your bin is out late. The caddy and the bin are collected in different compartments by the same vehicle, therefore both containers must be out together before 7am to avoid missing a collection.

It is likely that the bin will be emptied at about the same time each week, but occasionally, operational difficulties (road works, vehicle breakdowns, etc.) may result in the bin being collected at a different time.

If your bin is not collected at the usual time, leave it out until the end of the day. If the bin is not collected by the end of the day, please phone us on 01684 295010. The bin will then usually be collected within 5 working days.

What will happen if I put extra rubbish out for collection next to my green wheeled bin?

Rubbish put out to the side of the green wheeled bin, or at the top of the bin, not allowing the lid to close, will not be collected. The lid of the green wheeled bin must be closed flat.

Where should I put out my bin for collection?

Your bin should be placed at the boundary of your property, as close as possible to the highway. The crew will return it to the same place from which it is collected.

Will you still take as much rubbish as I put out?

No, to encourage residents to recycle as much as possible the Council is restricting the amount of waste that can be collected. All rubbish and bags must be able to fit in the bin and the lid must be closed. Any other rubbish put out for collection to the side or on top of the bin will not be taken.

Won't my green bin smell?

By using the food waste recycling collection, which is collected weekly, the smells will be reduced.

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