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Part-funded by European Regional Development Fund

For the latest Grange Field project news please visit our Grange Field update page.

The Grange Field project offers an exciting opportunity in "Water Sensitive Urban Design" to create a high quality space for current and future generations.

The aim is to deliver a strong ecology-led landscape to maximise amenity and biodiversity benefits, whilst realising the key objectives of managing flood risk and water quality improvements.

We aim to reconnect people with water by incorporating a mosaic of potential habitat types; from grassland, wildflower meadow, reed and woodland, through to in channel riffles, gravel bars and wetland areas.

The aspirations enforce how people might relate to water in a more meaningful way, via an exemplar showcase of how establishing robust Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) principles at the outset can bring multiple benefits.

 To look through all the design drawings, please follow this link: The Grange Field project documents.