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Garden waste - a change to your renewal date

What are the changes?

Tewkesbury Borough Council is making changes to its garden waste scheme, which will introduce a sticker system and see all customers renew for the service in April.

Currently, customers renew in the month in which they originally joined the scheme. However, from April 2018 the council is moving everyone to the same renewal month.

In addition, from April 2018, customers will receive a sticker to put on their garden waste bin. The sticker will serve as the customer’s licence to show the garden waste collection team that they have paid for the service and their bin can be collected. Each year, the colour of the sticker issued will change so the collection crew knows the licence is up-to-date.

Why is the council making these changes?

Setting a single renewal date for all our customers makes sure that everyone starts on the new sticker system at the same time and makes switching over easier for all.

The changes will make the system more robust, simpler for new and renewing customers, and will help make sure that only paid-for bins are emptied.

How will the council implement the change?

As normal, the council will write to its garden waste customers reminding them to renew. The only difference will be that for this year (2017-18), customers will only be charged a proportional amount up to April 2018 depending on the month in which they renew.

For example: 

Mr. Smith signed up to the garden waste scheme in September 2013 and therefore currently renews for the service every September and pays for 12 months. This year, however, Mr Smith will only pay for seven months of the service to bring him up to a renewal date of April 2018. The council will then write to Mr. Smith in February 2018, to remind him to renew for 12 months in April.

The council will then write to all customers again in early 2018 to remind them to renew for the service in April 2018.

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