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Club membership conditions

Tewkesbury Borough Council will provide the brown bin for the duration of the membership and empty the bin at the frequency specified on the council’s website

To keep up-to-date with any changes and/or improvements to the garden waste club please visit our garden waste updates page. 

The customer will pay the charge for club membership in advance, in accordance with these conditions.  

  • Once membership has been paid for, the customer will have a 14 day cooling off period before membership commences. During this time, they may contact the council for a full refund and membership will be cancelled.

  • The charge covers the cost of garden waste club membership for one garden waste bin from 1 April until 31 March each year or in the case of new customers, from the date the bin is delivered until 31 March.

  • A garden waste sticker licence will be issued for each subscribed bin upon receipt of payment or notification of change of address.

  • Charges are set annually from 1 April each year and the customer will be notified of any price increase at least 14 days prior to payment being due.

  • A new sticker licence will be produced each year.

  • Receipts following payment will be sent via email where possible. Customers are required to provide the council with a pre-paid envelope if they wish to receive a printed receipt.

  • Membership shall continue from the date that the bin is delivered to the customer or renewal date (as appropriate) until 31 March and if cancelled by the customer at any stage within this period no refund will be issued. The council reserves the right to recover the bin.

  • The sticker licence must be affixed to the outside of the lid of the garden waste bin. Where possible, any old sticker licences should be removed before placing the new sticker.

  • Photocopied and/or laminated sticker licences will not be accepted as proof of membership. Garden waste bins presented with photocopied and/or laminated sticker licences will not be emptied.

  • Garden waste bins presented with a sticker licence that does not match the property address will not be emptied.

  • The council’s responsibility for the issue of a sticker licence is limited to posting to the address they have been given and not ensuring receipt. The customer is responsible for ensuring that a valid sticker licence is fixed to the bin. Where replacement sticker licences are requested, an administration fee for sending an additional sticker licence may be charged, other than in the case of a replacement sticker licence supplied in the event of a change of address.

  • The customer is responsible for the cost of replacement for any loss or damage to the garden waste bin other than that caused by the emptying process.

  • All bins remain the property of the council.

Garden waste bin collection

The council reserves the right not to empty any garden waste bins where:

  • The bin is filled to such a weight as to make the moving or emptying process hazardous to the council’s contractor.

  • The bin is filled to such an extent that the lid cannot be closed. Due to the mechanical methods used to empty bins the lids need to be in the closed position.

  • The bin contains waste other than garden waste - full details can be found on the council’s website:

  • The bin does not have a valid sticker licence affixed to the outside of the lid.

  • Access to the bin has not being made available by the customer.

All waste must be contained within the garden waste bin(s) provided. Waste that is not contained in the bin will not be collected. Additional bins can be supplied if requested, on the same terms and conditions as in this agreement.

The customer will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the bin.

The bin remains the responsibility of the customer. If the customer moves within Tewkesbury Borough, it is their responsibility to move the bin to the new property and notify the council’s customer services department of the change of address. If the customer moves outside Tewkesbury Borough, they must notify the council’s customer services department who will arrange to collect the bin. 

Bins should be presented at the kerbside by 7am on the day of collection, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, and removed from the pavement by the end of the day. 

Payment does not guarantee the customer a specific number of collections per year.   

The garden waste service will not operate for a two week period over Christmas and New Year.  Dates will be published on the annual collection calendar.  

Alterations to normal collection days due to bank holidays will be published on the council’s website in advance at:

When severe spells of inclement weather affect the waste and recycling services the garden waste service may be suspended so that the vehicles and crew can be utilised for refuse and recycling catch up arrangements. 

Should collections be missed due to circumstances beyond the council’s control, every effort will be made to arrange an alternative collection. However, the council shall have no liability to the customer if it is unable to provide such alternative collection.

Club membership withdrawl

Should the customer fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, the council has the right to withdraw membership of the garden waste club with immediate effect and no refund of the charges shall be made. 

Without prejudice to any of the preceding terms and conditions, the council reserves the right to withdraw membership pf the garden waste club at any time in which case a pro rata refund of the charges shall be made to the customer. The council reserves the right to recover the bin.

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