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The garden waste club

Membership of the club is the easy way of disposing of your garden waste on a fortnightly basis through kerbside collections of a brown wheelie bin.

It is hassle-free, meaning no more trips to the recycling centre and no need to mess up the boot of your car.

Your membership runs from April to March and costs £48 (per bin that needs to be emptied) which is less than a pound a week!

From 1 September the cost of a subscription to the garden waste club will be reduced to £24 offering residents a 50% saving. Please note that all subscriptions will expire on 31 March 2020.

The really important bits of garden waste club terms and conditions

Sticker licences are valid from 1 April to 31 March. Without an official sticker licence your bin will not be collected.

Your bin needs to be out by 7am on your allocated day of collection.

  • Bins remain council property. However, you are responsible for the bin while you are a member of the garden waste club

  • Payment does not guarantee you a specific number of collections. We do not collect in the two weeks over Christmas and New Year

  • You are responsible for filling your bin appropriately. We won’t empty bins where guidelines have not been followed. To see what can and can’t go in your bin visit the brown garden waste bin page

  • Your sticker licence will arrive, with an abridged version of the T&C’s, shortly before your membership starts

  • We do reserve the right to withdraw individual membership or the service as a whole at any time

  • Full details regarding the garden waste club are available on our website: garden waste club terms and conditions. Once you’ve signed up you have a 14 day cooling off period

It’s really simple to sign up…

If you do not have a brown bin you will need to order it through our garden waste team: telephone 01684 272350. It can take up to 28 days for your bin to arrive.

  • Step one: Complete the form below and pay for your licence sticker (you will need a credit or debit card)

  • Step two: Your licence sticker arrives in the post (usually a couple of days before the service commences in April). As soon as you are able, stick the licence on the outside of the brown bin

  • Step three: Get busy in the garden filling your bin!

  • Step four: Pop your brown bin out on your scheduled day for us to empty (you can check your collection date at

1/6 - Terms and conditions

2/6 - Your garden waste bin address

Sorry we could not find your address, please telephone customer services on 01684 272350.

3/6 - Sticker licence delivery address

Normally we will send your garden waste sticker licences to the address selected above, if you need to use an alternative address please tick the box below.

4/6 - Your billing address

We will use this address to process your payment. If you need to use a different address please tick the box below.

You will be asked to enter your billing address when you pay.

5/6 - Your details

This data will only be used to provide renewal notifications for the garden waste club and updates on waste and recycling services (including the garden waste club).

6/6 - Your garden waste bin licence stickers

A licence sticker is required for each of your garden waste bins.

A valid credit or debit card is required to progress to the payment page. You will receive a confirmation email including a receipt once payment has been made.

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