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Frequently asked questions


Can I have an extra caddy?

Yes, if you would like to order another kitchen or kerbside caddy, please call us on 01684 295010.

Can I put food waste in with my normal domestic waste?

We encourage all residents to participate fully in the service. The food waste is treated using Anerobic Digestion which produces two really useful resources. It produces a liquid digestate fertilizer which is used by farmers to grow crops and also natural gas which is injected into the gas network. This is treated locally and is environmentally beneficial and cheaper than sending it to the Energy from Waste facility.

Can I share a caddy with my neighbour?

Yes, if you would like to. Please make sure you arrange between yourselves who looks after it and puts it out for collection.

Can I still compost at home?

Yes, we encourage all residents to compost at home too, but now you will be able to recycle your cooked food waste, dairy products, bread, meat and bones too by using the food waste recycling service.

I don't have any food waste, what should I do?

Some people have more food waste than others. At some point, everyone will have some food to waste. It could be a bit of stale bread, bones from a Sunday roast or even something lurking at the back of the fridge that you had forgotten about. All of these can be recycled and turned into gas, and a liquid fertiliser for local farmland.

I don't have room for the food waste caddy.

The kitchen caddy is only 7 litres and is designed to be kept on a kitchen work surface or under the sink. However, if you do not wish to use the small kitchen caddy, then you can empty your food waste directly into the larger 23 litre food waste caddy outside.

I don't need to use this scheme as I compost at home already.

We would encourage you to continue composting at home (compost bins can be ordered via However, we can collect all meat, fish, bones, cooked food and dairy products using the food waste caddy, which are materials you should not put in with your compost at home as they could attract vermin.

How will I keep my caddies clean?

The kitchen caddy can be lined with any type of plastic bag (including a supermarket bag), newspaper or compostable caddy liners. Both caddies are dishwasher safe up to 60°C.

Any type of plastic bag can now be used to line your food caddy.

How will I know which caddy is mine after collection?

On the larger caddy will be a panel for residents to write their house name or number on. This will reduce the risk of missing bins or confusion after they have been emptied.

How will the food waste be collected?

Each property has received two food waste caddies, a small one and a large one. Residents are encouraged to collect the food waste in the small caddy in the kitchen, and transfer the contents into the large caddy and put it out for the weekly collection.

How will the food waste be composted?

The food is sent to an Anaerobic Digester where it is broken down naturally by bacteria in an oxygen-starved environment. This produces biogas, which is injected into the gas network, and a liquid digestate which is used to fertilise local farmland.

My caddy has been knocked over and the contents spilt over the pavement. Will you come and clear it up?

No, please make sure you lock your caddy by rotating the handle either to the front or so the handle is upright when you put it out for collection, this firmly locks the lid down preventing spillages.

What are the benefits of collecting food waste?

Collecting food waste for recycling means we can:

  • Recycle biodegradable waste and avoid sending it to Energy from Waste (EfW) facility.

  • Increase recycling rates.

  • Reduce the cost of treatment at the EfW.

  • Produce energy.

  • Produce liquid fertiliser for local farmers.

What time must my caddy be out?

All containers need to be out for 7am. Collections crew cannot return if your caddy is out late. The caddy and the bin are collected in different compartments by the same vehicle therefore both containers must be out together before 7am to avoid missing both collections.

Why can I now use reuse plastic bags in my caddy?

Your food waste is now sent to an anaerobic digester where plastic bags are separated from the food as part of the treatment process.

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