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Welcome to Cheltenham Borough Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council joint web page for the Elms Park development

A cross boundary outline planning application and associated Environmental Statement have been registered with both Cheltenham Borough Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council for outline consent at North West Cheltenham, Off Tewkesbury Road (16/02000/OUT)

Our aim

This webpage is to keep our residents updated on how the application is going, any revised information, committee dates and anything else we feel you should know about.

Update: August 2018

A number of additional reports and assessments have recently been submitted to the Tewkesbury and Cheltenham Borough Councils relating to the following topic areas:

  • Archaeology  
  • Drainage and Flood Risk
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Health 
  • Retail Volume
  • Sports and Leisure

The following web page; 16/02000/OUT gives details of the above additional information and we would be pleased to receive the formal response your organisation would like this authority to consider when dealing with the application within the next 22 days. 

Given the amount of up-dated information the Councils can agree to a reasonable extension of time for response should you consider further time for assessment is required. We would be grateful if you could write to the Councils informing them of such a request with 22 days and stating by what date you intend to provide a response.

Where to view the application

Hard copies can be viewed at both local authorities & at your local parish council. It's advised you make an appointment before viewing.

Alternatively the application details can be viewed on both websites below using 16/02000/OUT as the search reference number for both websites.


As the application is cross boundary all comments should be made online at cheltenham.gov.uk/online-applications or in writing to Cheltenham Borough Council. All representations received will be forwarded to Tewkesbury Borough Council and will appear on both Councils websites. Comments should quote reference number 16/02000/OUT and be confined to planning matters. Any representations should be received within 21 days of the valid date. The deadline to register comments was 15th November 2016.

Please note: under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 any representations will be available for inspection and copying by the public and are published on our website. We are unable to accept anonymous comments.

Types of comments that will be taken into account

Planning applications must be determined in accordance with current guidance and policy. The planning authority can only take into account material planning considerations when making a decision. Examples of such considerations are:

  • Amenity.
  • Noise or disturbance from the development (not from the construction work itself).
  • Privacy.
  • Traffic.
  • Visual impact.

Matters such as the identity of the applicant or their character or history, boundary disputes between neighbours, loss of view or impact on the value of a property are not planning considerations and should not be included.


The application will be considered by both Cheltenham Planning Committee and Tewkesbury Planning Committee at separate meetings. Once dates have been agreed for the Planning Committee meeting it will be added to this web page.


Once a decision is ready it will be made viewable on both websites.


If an application is refused or approved with conditions the applicant has the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, an independent government agency.