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Innsworth Parish Council - Thursday 20 June 2019

Election results

Mencap/Electoral Commission - Easy read guide to voting in elections

European Parliamentary Election - South West electoral region - Thursday 23 May 2019

Election results

EU citizen living in the UK

If you are a citizen of a European Union country (other than UK, Republic of Ireland, Malta and Cyprus) and wish to vote in the European Parliamentary elections in the UK, you must be registered to vote and complete a form stating you wish to vote in the UK. The form must be received by the Electoral Registration Officer by Tuesday 7 May 2019.  The completed form can be scanned and emailed to elections@tewkesbury.gov.uk.

Churchdown County Division election - Thursday 2 May 2019

Borough and Parish elections - Thursday 2 May 2019

Borough results

Click on relevant Ward below for election results. Where a Ward is not made up of individual parishes, the streets included in that Ward can be viewed at: consultation.lgbce.org.uk.

  • Badgeworth Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Badgeworth, Great Witcombe, and Staverton)

    • VINES, Robert John Edward (Conservative Party) elected

  • Brockworth East Borough Ward

    • GERRARD, Louise Anne elected

    • STEVENS, Sara Ann Theresa elected

  • Brockworth West Borough Ward

    • CARTER, Craig Lee John elected

    • HARWOOD, Deborah Jeanette elected

  • Churchdown Brookfield with Hucclecote Borough Ward

    • BLACKWELL, Gillian Frances (Conservative Party) elected

    • SMITH, Paul Edward (Liberal Democrats) elected

    • SMITH, Richard James Gilbert (Liberal Democrats) elected

  • Churchdown St John’s Borough Ward

    • JORDAN, Mary Louise (Liberal Democrats) elected

    • SOFTLEY, Clare (Liberal Democrats) elected

    • THOMSON, Scott (Liberal Democrats) elected

  • Cleeve Grange Borough Ward

    • MUNRO, Helen Sarah (Liberal Democrats) elected

  • Cleeve Hill Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Gotherington, Southam and Woodmancote)

    • DEAN, Michael Robert (Conservative Party) elected

    • HOLLAWAY, Anne (Conservative Party) elected

  • Cleeve St Michael’s Borough Ward

    • EAST, Robert Desmond (Conservative Party) elected

    • REECE, Andrew Stephen (Conservative Party) elected

  • Cleeve West Borough Ward

    • BIRD, Robert Anthony (Conservative Party) elected

    • STANLEY, Richard John (Liberal Democrats) elected

  • Highnam with Haw Bridge Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Ashleworth, Chaceley, Forthampton, Hasfield, Highnam, Maisemore, Minsterworth and Tirley)

    • MCLAIN, Paul Dermot (Conservative Party) elected

    • SMITH, Jill Kate (Conservative Party) elected

  • Innsworth Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Innsworth, Longford and Twigworth)

    • BOCKING, Graham John (Conservative Party) elected

    • OCKELTON, Paul William (Liberal Democrats) elected

  • Isbourne Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Ashchurch Rural, Buckland, Dumbleton, Oxenton, Snowshill, Stanton, Stanway, Teddington and Toddington)

    • EVETTS, John Hastings (Conservative Party) elected

    • GORE, Melanie Andrea (Conservative Party) elected

  • Northway Borough Ward

    • GODWIN, Pauline Ann (Conservative Party) elected

    • MACTIERNAN, Elaine J (Conservative Party) elected

  • Severn Vale North Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Deerhurst, Elmstone Hardwicke, Leigh and Stoke Orchard & Tredington)

    • MCLAIN, Heather Christina (Conservative Party) elected

  • Severn Vale South Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Boddington, Down Hatherley, Norton, Sandhurst and Uckington)

    • WILLIAMS, Mark Julian (Conservative Party) elected

  • Shurdington Borough Ward

    • SURMAN, Philip Dudley (Conservative Party) elected

  • Tewkesbury East Borough Ward

    (consists of Tewkesbury Newtown Ward and the parish of Wheatpieces)

    • REID, Christine (Conservative Party) elected

    • SMITH, Vernon Dennis (Conservative Party) elected

  • Tewkesbury North and Twyning Borough Ward

    • SZTYMIAK, Michael George (Tewkesbury and Twyning Independents) elected

    • WORKMAN, Philip Noel (Tewkesbury and Twyning Independents) elected

  • Tewkesbury South Borough Ward

    • CODY, Catherine Mary (Green Party) elected

    • CROMWELL, Kevin John (Conservative Party) elected

  • Winchcombe Borough Ward

    (consists of the parishes of Alderton, Gretton, Hawling, Prescott, Sudeley and Winchcombe)

    • GRAY, David William (Conservative Party) elected

    • MASON, James Reginald (Conservative Party) elected

    • MURPHY, John William (Conservative Party) elected

Parish results

Down Hatherley, Norton & Twigworth Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - Thursday 2 May 2019

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