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Dangerous dogs

Please note that we are not responsible for dangerous dogs. The police has responsibility for dealing with dangerous dogs. If you want to report a dangerous dog you should contact the Police on 101.

Dog barking / noise

Dogs bark. There are a multitude of reasons why a dog might bark depending on the situation and context.

For further information on noise and to make a complaint about dog barking that is affecting you, please view our noise page.

If you have a dog that vocalises and you have concerns about how this may affect your neighbours, environmental protection may be able to advise suitable methods to help prevent this. For further information, please contact us at

Dog fouling

Following the launch of a new borough-wide dog fouling campaign, we encourage you to download the following posters and display them on your local noticeboards and in other prominent locations.

Our posters aim to highlight the dangers of dog fouling for young children. Toxocariasis is an infection caused by roundworm commonly found in dog mess and can easily be picked up by young children. The serious symptoms of toxocariasis include asthma, stomach upsets, headaches, breathing difficulties and in some cases, blindness. Roundworm eggs can stay alive in soil for many years - long after any dog mess has disappeared.

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Dog fouling posters

Public space protection order - dog fouling

We are looking to take a strong stance on dog fouling within the borough and under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, we have the power to introduce a public space protection order to help protect our community.

The order would impose the following on public land across the whole of the borough:

  • A person in control of a dog must ensure that dog faeces are removed from the land immediately

  • A person in control of a dog must ensure that they have means available to clear up dog faeces

  • A person in control of a dog must ensure that dog faeces are disposed of in an appropriate receptacle

The order will be enforced by our officers, and failure to comply with the order may result in a fixed penalty fine of up to £100 or prosecution.

Whilst the Council has powers to fine people for allowing their dog to foul, this legislation allows fines for not having the means to clear the faeces and for not disposing of it properly.

We are not proposing to introduce any other controls on dogs allowed under the legislation such as areas where dogs must be kept on leads etc. at this point in time.

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