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If you want to carry on a business of breeding dogs for sale then you will need a licence from us to do so. If your breeding bitches give birth to five or more litters of puppies in any period of 12 months, it is presumed that you are carrying on a dog breeding business and need a licence.

If you are not sure if you need a licence to breed dogs or not, please contact us so that we can give you advice based on your individual circumstances. We can be contacted on 01684 - 272191 or by email at


An application form that you can use to apply for a dog breeding licence can be downloaded below:

Completed application forms should be submitted to us at: The Licensing Department, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Public Services Centre, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5TT.

The current fee to apply for a licence to breed dogs is £169.

An initial inspection will be carried out by a vet. Subsequent inspections need only be done by one of our officers. We will consider the vet's report before deciding whether to grant the initial licence. The cost of the vet inspection must be met by the applicant for the licence.

The inspection by our officer must ensure:

  • The general suitability of accommodation for dogs.
  • Adequate food drink and bedding materials.
  • A schedule for visiting and exercising dogs at suitable intervals.
  • Satisfactory procedure to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Fire Safety and emergency procedures.
  • Welfare of dogs when being transported.

Once granted your licence will remain in force for a period of one year beginning with the day on which it comes into force and must then be renewed.

You will also have to comply with certain rules about breeding the puppies.  Bitches should not be mated under one year old, and should not have more than six litters of puppies ever. They should also have no more than one litter every 12 months. Accurate records should be kept to confirm this.

You will need to keep records for each of your breeding bitches which include:

  • Name of dog
  • Date of birth
  • Address where kept
  • Breed
  • Description
  • Date of mating
  • Details of sire
  • Details of litter.

An identifying tag or badge should be worn by dogs for sale which has to display the following information: The date of birth of the dog, and an identifying number allocated to the dog by the licensed breeding establishment at which it was born.