• Kay Berry
    Churchdown St John's
    Liberal Democrat

Lead member portfolios

We have an executive committee of nine members. One member is the leader of the council and the other eight have a specific area of interest (known as a portfolio) and are known as lead members.

The leader of the council is the Chair of the executive committee and the deputy leader is the Vice-chair.

The scope of the portfolios and number of lead members on the executive committee is determined at the annual council meeting in May. The lead members for each portfolio are agreed annually in June at the first meeting of the executive committee.

Councillors' code of conduct

If you have a complaint that a Borough or Parish/Town Councillor has breached their Authority's Code of Conduct you should write to the Monitoring Officer at the following address outlining your complaint and the reasons that you feel the Councillor has breached the Code of Conduct:

  • The Monitoring Officer, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Public Services Centre, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury. GL20 5TT.

Please note that the Parish/Town Council Codes of Conduct vary and a copy of the relevant Code can be obtained from the Parish Clerk or the Monitoring Officer. Telephone: 01684 272011.

The Borough Council's Code of Conduct can be found below: