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For 2017/18, we are proposing to keep the same working-age scheme as we had in place for 2016/17. People of pension age continue to be protected by the Government and they have their own scheme for Local Council Tax Reduction. This may have to change for future years, and it is possible that working age claimants could see changes to the levels of council tax scheme awards in 2018/19.

We are pleased to announce that we have added online forms for some of our most common council tax requests. In the related sections below you will find new online forms for change of address, single person discount and empty property discount.

Adult social care precept

The government has allowed councils which provide social care to adults to increase their share of council tax by up to an extra 2 percent in comparison to last year’s council tax. This additional council tax charge is called the adult social care precept - Council tax adult social care precept explained (pdf, 44 KB).

This precept is shown as a separate charge on your council tax bill and is included in your monthly council tax payments. The income generated from this charge is ring-fenced, meaning it can only be used for adult social care services. Gloucestershire County Council is the authority which provides adult social care, and we collect this charge on their behalf.

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