Vineyards car park

Vineyards car park

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  • Vineyards car park,
    Gander Lane,
    Tewkesbury. GL20 5PG.

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Parking tariffs are applicable as below. The parking page lists any free parking days operating within the Borough.

Chargeable times

  • Daily: 8am - 5.30pm


  • Cars up to 1 hour: £1.00
  • Cars up to 3 hours: £2.00
  • Cars over 3 hours: £4.00
  • Motorcycle parking is free of charge


Please visit our parking permits page.

Parking spaces

  • Cars: 129
  • Coaches: 0
  • Disabled bays: 3

Please note this car park has height restriction barriers.

Further information on parking bays can be found on our car parks and charges page.