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Tewkesbury Borough Council is making changes to its garden waste scheme, which will introduce a sticker system and see all customers renew for the service in April.

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Brown bin collection service

The garden waste collection service continues to make a significant contribution to the recycling rate within the Borough.

The garden waste is composted using open windrows which is then used in local land restoration projects.

The scheme was introduced in March 2006 in response to government targets for increased recycling. Since its introduction, there are now over 17,000 households subscribing to the scheme.

How the scheme works

Residents subscribe to the scheme by ordering and paying in advance for one year (the service year runs from 1 April to the 31 March the following year). For the duration of the subscription, customers are loaned a brown wheeled bin in which to keep their garden waste. The brown bin is emptied fortnightly, on the same day that green refuse bins are emptied.

The cost of one year’s subscription is £48 and will subscribe you to the service until 31 March the following year. Once subscribe the sticker licence request is sent to our printers and dispatched directly from them. This process takes upto two weeks. Please be advised that your bin will not be emptied until the licence is in place, on the lid of your bin. The bin is normally delivered within 28 days of your subscription payment being taken.

From 1 September the cost of a subscription to the garden waste club will be reduced to £24 offering residents a 50% saving. Please note that all subscriptions will expire on 31 March 2020.

If you do not have a brown bin you will need to order it through our customer service team: telephone 01684 295010. The bin will normally be delivered within 28 days.

We will contact you when your subscription is due for renewal. Contact will be by letter and/or phone, but if you are happy for us to contact you via email, please inform us of your email address, as we are striving to minimise the quantity of paper used in our communications.

How to subscribe or renew your subscription

What can I put into my brown bin?

  • Grass cuttings

  • Hedge and shrub clippings

  • Leaves, twigs and bark

  • Plants, flowers and weeds

  • Small branches

  • Windfall fruit

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