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Can I have an extra blue bin?

Yes, if you would like to order another blue recycling bin, please call the council on 01684 295010.

Can I put plastic bags in my blue recycling bin?

No, the recycling must be loose in the bin. At no point can the bags be split open and the items removed prior to recycling. Please do not put plastic bags in the recycling bin; this includes plastic carrier bags, bread bags, frozen food bags, pet food bags, compost bags.

Can I put out broken Pyrex, glasses, mirrors, picture glass or greenhouse glass for recycling?

No. Please wrap these in newspaper, tape securely and put into the green wheeled bin. For large quantities of greenhouse glass, please call the Household Recycling Centres on 0845 6029344 for advice.

Can I put out shredded paper for recycling?

Yes, a small amount is acceptable. Please put it in a newspaper or other paper before putting it into the recycling bin to avoid it blowing around and littering the area.

Can I put Tetra-Pak style cartons in the blue bin?

Yes, all styles and makes of paper based food and drinks cartons such as Tetra-Pak can be recycled in the blue bin. Please clean all items and ensure there is no residue remaining in the items for recycling.

Can I share a blue bin with my neighbour?

Yes, if you would like to. Please make sure you arrange between yourselves who looks after it and puts it out for collection.

Does the lid of the blue bin need to be closed?

Yes. Excess recycling can either be stored for the next collection, taken to neighbourhood recycling centre or to the household recycling centres.

How clean must the recycling be?

We ask that food and drinks containers and bottles for recycling are rinsed out because residue like sour milk can ruin other materials. A quick rinse or wash is normally enough to remove food and drink residue.

How do I keep my blue bin clean?

If your bin does become dirty, we advise that you swill it out with disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda after it has been emptied. You should rinse containers where appropriate.

How will I know which bin is mine after collection?

The Council recommends you put your house name or number on your bin so it is easily identified after collection.

I live in a flat and do not have much room for extra containers, how can I store them?

There are alternatives available for households that do not currently have space for a wheeled bin. If you are concerned that you might be affected, please contact your housing provider as we may already be working with them, or alternatively contact the council on 01684 295010.

What about lids, corks and stoppers from glass jars and bottles?

Metal lids can go in the blue bin. Please remove corks and plastic stoppers and put them into the green wheeled bin. (Some organisations may be able to use them in art and craftwork.)

What can I put in the blue bin?

You can recycle newspapers, magazines, paper, junk mail, glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and aerosols, food and drink plastics such as all types of bottles, punnets, trays, pots and tubs, detergent and cleaning bottles, card and cardboard in the blue bin. Please make sure all items are clean and loose inside the bin.

What cardboard can I recycle?

You can recycle cardboard such as breakfast cereal boxes, ready meal outer wrappers, pizza boxes, greetings cards and card multipack drink boxes. As always things need to be clean and flattened to save space. Please separate any plastic wrappers from the cardboard. You can also recycle small amounts of corrugated/brown cardboard.

What colour glass can I recycle?

Any colour of glass can be recycled. No Pyrex, window, strengthened or drinking glass can be put in the blue bin. If these items can be reused, please take to a charity shop or similar reuse organisation. If it is broken, please wrap safely and put in the green refuse bin.

What happens if I put the waste into the wrong bin?

Putting rubbish in the wrong bin will cause contamination therefore you will need to transfer it to the correct bin. Due to the collection methods, there will not be any hand sorting of the recycling; therefore we are unable to separate it for you.

We will not collect any items in the blue recycling bin which are not the correct materials for recycling, as they will contaminate the load. The collections crew will put a label on your bin asking you to remove the inappropriate material. The bin will be emptied on the next collection day when the incorrect items have been removed.

What happens to the mixed recycling?

It is sorted by machinery at a Materials Recycling Facility.

What kinds of paper are acceptable?

Newspapers and magazines; white office paper and envelopes (the windows do not need to be removed); brown paper bags and envelopes; all types of catalogues and brochures; telephone directories and Yellow Pages; leaflets and glossy paper inserts including junk mail.

Please make sure items such as pens or other freebies in envelopes are not put in the blue bin. Remove magazines from polythene wrapping and do not recycle whole jiffy bags. These could be reused or taken apart and the paper outer recycled.

What plastics do you accept for recycling?

We accept food and drink plastics such as all types of bottles, punnets, trays, pots and tubs, detergent and cleaning bottles for recycling. All plastic items must be rinsed clean and not have any food or drinks residue remaining.

Please do not put plastic bags in the blue bin.

What time must my bin be out?

All containers need to be out for 7am. Collections crew cannot return if your bin is out late. The caddy and the bin are collected in different compartments by the same vehicle therefore both containers must be out together before 7am to avoid missing both collections.

Will I still be able to take recycling and waste to Wingmoor Farm and Hempsted household recycling centre?

Yes, the household recycling centres will still take the extra items of recycling. You can also take excess waste which you may have which does not fit into your green wheeled bin.

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