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Blue bin collection service

The blue bin recycling collection is a fortnightly service. Please ensure your blue bin is placed on your property at the nearest point to the highway or pavement by 7am, next to your larger food caddy.

One week your blue bin will be emptied, the next week the green bin will be emptied.

Each property should have a blue bin for recycling. If you do not have a blue bin or would like to order please telephone customer services on 01684 295010.

If you have any excess recycling waste you can collect additional blue recycling bags from the Public Services Centre on Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury or request them via email:

What can I put into my blue bin?

Only following items may be put into your blue bin, if you are unsure, please visit our blue recycling bin FAQs page or email the recycling team:, tweet us at @tewkesburyBCgov, or call us on 01684 295010.

Card and cardboard

  • Card and cardboard. (no dirty cardboard - takeaway pizza boxes and burger cartons)

  • Greetings cards and postcards.

  • Food packaging boxes and egg boxes.

  • Small quantities of brown corrugated cardboard.


  • Tetra-Pak style food and drink cartons.

  • Paper yoghurt pots.

  • Paper ice-cream pots.

Metal packaging: Cans, tins, foil and aerosols

  • Aerosols (empty).

  • Biscuit and sweet tins.

  • Food and drink cans.

  • Pet food cans.

  • Aluminium foil (clean sheets).

  • Aluminium foil pots and trays.

  • Tip: Aluminium stays scrunched when you squeeze it. If it opens, it's non-recyclable plastic.

Mixed glass containers

  • Clean glass bottles (any colour).

  • Clean glass jars (any colour).

  • Tip: metal lids can also be put into the blue bin.

Mixed paper

  • Books (remove hardback covers).

  • Envelopes (Not padded types such as Jiffy bags).

  • Newspaper, magazines and junk mail (no wet or dirty paper, remove plastic wrapping and freebies).

  • Office style paper and small amounts of shredded paper.

  • Yellow Pages and telephone directories.

  • Wrapping paper (only paper types remove all decoration, no wallpaper).

Plastic containers and packaging

  • All types of plastic bottles (drinks, cleaning and milk).

  • Yoghurt pots, plastic punnets, plastic food trays, plastic tubs such as margarine.

  • Tip: please rinse all plastic food and drinks packaging.

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