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New organisational structure at Tewkesbury Borough Council

Published: 10 May 2013

Members at Tewkesbury Borough Council will be advised at a meeting this month of the progress made so far in the council's organisational review.

The review is set to create annual savings of more than £500,000 and the council's new structure will be in place from August this year.

The changes will see a new deputy chief executive join the current chief executive and borough solicitor to create a Corporate Leadership Team.

The deputy chief executive post has been filled by external candidate Rachel North who is currently director of communities and localism at West Lindsey District Council in Lincolnshire.

As part of the council's new staffing structure, eight group manager posts will create the council's overall management team. The posts will be responsible for business transformation, revenues and benefits, finance and asset management, democratic services, legal services, policy and performance, environmental and housing services, and development services. The finance and asset management group manager will also hold the responsibility of the council's Section 151 officer, which is a role that ensures the council makes proper arrangements for the administration of its financial affairs.

As a result of the review, the council will lose approximately 11 full-time equivalent posts from all levels of the organisation, and this has been achieved through deleting vacant posts and voluntary redundancies, where possible.

As with all significant organisational reviews, the restructure is expected to incur a one-off cost as a result of implementation costs. To meet this cost, the council had originally made a worst-case scenario provision within its budget of £890,000, but as costs have been confirmed through the implementation, the actual cost will now not exceed £605,000. These costs include one voluntary redundancy termination cost which will exceed £100,000, but thanks to the ongoing savings arising from the review, all costs will be met within a period of just over one year - after which the council will continue to make more than £500,000 of savings each year.

Importantly, the review has also helped to ensure the council has an appropriate staffing structure that reflects the council's business needs.

Leader of Tewkesbury Borough Council Cllr Robert Vines said: "This organisational review was a hugely important part of our savings plan for this year, and thanks to careful planning we can now introduce a staff structure that not only saves money but also reflects our priorities and business needs, while also protecting services.

"This is, of course, a very difficult time for those staff affected by redundancy, and we are making sure they are supported as much as possible."

To view the new structure, please click here.